Beyond the Bell

Important Dates

Clubs, Activities, Sports, and Field Trips at Your School

Tacoma Public Schools and community partners have come together to offer Beyond the Bell activities for students in grades K-5 and Club Beyond activities for students in grades 6-8. Login to your Compass: TPS Family App account and visit the activities page to see what options are available at your student's school.

These experiences are available thanks to our community partners, including Tacoma Creates, private philanthropy, City of Tacoma, Pierce County, Greentrike, Metro Parks Tacoma, Tacoma Public Schools and individual donors.

2023-2024 School Year Important Dates

Session 1: September 25 - November 17

  • Register August 28 - September 16

Session 2: December 4 - February 9

  • Register October 30 - November 21

Session 3: February 19 - April 12

  • Register January 22 - February 10

Session 4: April 22 - June 14

  • Register March 25 - April 13

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Going Beyond the School Day

Through programs like Beyond the Bell and Club Beyond, kids in our elementary and middle schools have access to fun, meaningful after-school activities. And – like teachers – the people who lead the activities are trained in Whole Child practices like social emotional learning. That way, after school feels directly connected to the school day – with people who care, know and support our kids.

Hear from Shon Sylvia, Executive Director of Metro Parks Tacoma, why it’s so important to build strong programs for Tacoma’s kids when they’re not at school.