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Have questions about your student? The best place to start is by contacting your student's classroom teacher or our school's main office. For additional support or information, then contact their counselor or school principal. For district programs and supports, contact our district office.

Name Position Email Phone Number
Administration & Office Staff
Hildebrandt, Kim Principal & COVID Site Supervisor 253-571-4400
Wahlen, Danielle Office Coordinator 253-571-4447
Lopez, Bulinda Office Secretary 253-571-4402
Staff Alphabetical by Last Name
Lind, Stacey Headstart Teacher 253-571-4418
Baines, Kenny Beyond the Bell 253-571-4445
Bentley, Tammy Teacher 253-571-4438
Burleson, Trish Lead Cook 253-571-4448
Carr, Renee Multilingual Learner Teacher 253-571-4419
Comfort, Amy Teacher 253-571-4436
Dahms, Bailey Occupational Therapist 253-571-4426
Fennell, Abbie Teacher 253-571-4414
Fortt, Enny Headstart Teacher 253-571-4418
Gilbert, Keavy Teacher 253-571-4437
Givens, Lindsey Education Support Professional 253-571-4430
Gomez, Bianca Instructional Coach 253-571-4408
TBD Headstart Assistant 253-571-4418
Harrenberg, Christine Physical Therapist 253-571-4426
Hartman, Derek Teacher 253-571-4417
Haynes, Genitee Teacher 253-571-4432
Haynes, Bridey RISE Classroom Education Support Professional 253-571-4430
Hildebrandt, Kim Principal & COVID Site Supervisor 253-571-4400
Howard, Tara LAP Teacher 253-571-4434
Hudson, Carla Education Support Professional 253-571-4417
Kauanoe, Brianna Speech Therapist/Speech Language Pathologist 253-571-4458
Kaupp, Meredith Librarian 253-571-4427
Lehman, Alma Teacher 253-571-4441
Livengood, Brandi Occupational Therapist 253-571-4426
Lopez, Bulinda Office Secretary 253-571-4402
Luna, Autumn Educational Support Professional 253-571-4439
Mace, Charles Beyond the Bell 253-571-4445
Medina, Frances Headstart Advocate 253-571-4416
Moore, Keisha Teacher 253-571-4401
Morton, Angel K-3 Collaborative Teacher 253-571-4405
Oliver, Aisha School Psychologist 253-571-4410
Pick, Melissa Teacher 253-571-4420
Rosenfeld, Amanda School Counselor 253-571-4407
Salazar, Irene Educational Support Professional 253-571-4435
Samuel, Stephanee Nutrition Helper 253-571-4448
Schibly, Liz Physical Education Teacher 253-571-4443
Shaw, Latisia Nutrition Specialist 253-571-4448
Simmons, Beverly Community Liaison 253-571-4409
Simon, LaShonte Title 1 Teacher 253-571-4419
Smiley, Amanda TAF Teacher 253-571-4410
Stenberg, Ingrid Special Education Teacher 253-571-4428
Sukola, Rachael Teacher 253-571-4442
Temple, Justin Special Education Teacher 253-571-4430
Tukuta, Olive Health Clerk 253-571-4412
Turner, Elliott Music Teacher 253-571-4444
Wahlen, Danielle Office Coordinator 253-571-4447
Walsh, Jill Nurse 253-571-4412
Willy, Hope Teacher 253-571-4415